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TTT Thermal Treatment Technologies, has been created as a Division of Advantech S.p.A. to develop and offer advanced solutions in the field of the various thermal treatment of many types of materials, with special focus on glass-based products.

TTT production technology is the key to be sure that you invest in the most suitable, modern and efficient equipment. So, when designing and supplying an equipment, we always keep a close look to:

  • range and quality of the final goods to be produced
  • energy efficiency and low consumption
  • production flexibility
  • low production costs
  • emissions control
  • useful life of the equipment with low maintenance costs
  • automation to reduce the labour costs

For this, we have built up a dedicated Team of passionate professionals, with relevant experience, track record and innovable skills, to cover all the aspects of our supplies.

We have with us also professionals with experience in production, so we can add to our know how as engineers and machine builders also a direct knowledge of production technologies and problems.

Our Team is our best resource and we put the outmost care in its activities and development.

Talking with us for your next investment will add value to your decision and keep your Company ahead of competitors for a long time.

TTT Thermal Treatment Technologies for the Glass Industry of tomorrow

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